Best dado blade for table saw 2023

Are you in search of a dado blade that’s powerful enough to make precise cuts in your woodworking projects? Well, look no further; this comprehensive guide will help you choose the best dado blade for your table saw. You’ll learn about the features, benefits and key parameters to consider when selecting a dado blade for a perfect cut every time.

Best dado blade for table saw 2023

  1. Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch blade (Editor’s Pick)
  2. DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI blade (Best Overall)
  3. DEWALT DW7670 blade (Budget Friendly)
  4. Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped 
  5. POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw 
  6. 36-510 Throat Table Saws
  7. The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade

1) Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch blade

Best dado blade for table saw

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The Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Blade is expertly constructed for precise and durable cuts. C-4 carbide, a high-quality substance known for its durability, makes it ideal for tough cutting applications.

Immaculate Cuts with Precision Ground Carbide Tips

This blade’s precision ground carbide tips stand out. The tips are designed to cut cleanly and accurately. The Oshlun SDS-0842 blade makes precise cuts in difficult woodwork projects and tougher materials, improving your craftsmanship.

Full Body Chippers Cut Smoothly

Any woodworking project requires a smooth, uniform cut. The Oshlun SDS-0842’s full-body chippers excel in this area. These chippers strive to make cutting smooth, guaranteeing your woodworking projects turn out as planned.

Optimizing for Excellence

The Oshlun SDS-0842 blade includes a shim set for precision adjustments. This feature lets you precisely change the blade’s diameter for a perfect cut every time. Stop worrying about inaccurate cuts and improve your woodworking precision.

Mobile Convenience

Transporting and storing your saw blade should be easy. The Oshlun SDS-0842 has a storage and transport case for this reason. This case protects your blade and makes it portable. You may easily transport it to job sites to always have the correct gear.


The Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Blade epitomises woodworking tool perfection. Any professional woodworker needs it for its C-4 carbide construction, precision ground carbide tips, whole body chippers, and storage/carrying box. Precision and quality from the Oshlun SDS-0842 elevate your woodworking creations. Without compromise, embrace perfection in every cut.

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Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch blade First Hand Review Video

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  1. Made with professional grade C-4 carbide for durability and longevity
  2. Precision ground carbide tips ensure clean and precise cuts every time
  3. Comes with a storage/carrying case for easy transport and protection
  4. Includes a shim set for fine adjustments to achieve the perfect cut
  5. Domestic shipping available for easy purchase within the U.S.



specifications Precision ground carbide tips
specifications Storage/Carrying Case
specifications Shim set for fine adjustments
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 10.5 x 9.9 x 3 inches; 9.94 Pounds
Country of Origin : China
Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
Material Carbide
Fastener Type Wing
Color Steel
Metal Type Tungsten

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2) DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI blade

Best dado blade for table saw

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C-4 carbide makes the DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI Blade precise and durable. The strong structure makes it a long-term choice.

Smooth cuts

Full-body chippers on this blade cut precisely, smoothly, and evenly. Working on hardwood or softwood, this blade always works well.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Precision-honed carbide tips make this blade accurate. The DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI Blade cuts precisely regardless of complexity.

One of the best features of this blade is its adjustable blade diameter. A carrying case and shim set allow changes. This lets you change the blade’s diameter for different cutting possibilities.

Flexible Woodworking Partner

The DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI blade is versatile for woodworking and building. It cuts grooves, dadoes, and rabbets in various materials with stacked dado cutters. It also fits DWE7490 and DWE7491 saws, giving them flexibility.

Built to Last

High-quality alloy steel makes this blade strong. A 10-inch blade and 30 teeth making it suitable for precise cuts in diverse materials. Its multi-color design enhances woodworking instruments.

Finally, the DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI Blade is precise and high-quality. Its versatility, adaptability, and durability make it important for serious woodworkers. This blade gives professionals and DIYers precise cuts. Use the DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI Blade to improve your woodworking.

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DEWALT Dado DWE7402DI blade First Hand Review Video

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  1. Allows for use of stacked dado cutters for more versatile cuts
  2. Can be used with DWE7490 and DWE7491 versions for added compatibility
  3. Made from high-quality alloy steel for durability and longevity
  4. Lightweight package weight of 0.372 kilograms for easy handling
  5. 10-inch blade length and 30 teeth for precise cuts in a variety of materials.



specifications For woodworking and building
specifications Package Weight: 0.372 kilograms
Color Multi
Blade Material Alloy Steel
Power Source Corded Electric
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.
Product Dimensions 17.5″L x 8.88″W x 10.19″H
Item Weight 0.37 Kilograms
Blade Length 10 Inches
Number of Teeth 30

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3) DEWALT DW7670 blade

Best dado blade for table saw

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Professional tools like the DEWALT DW7670 Blade are essential to craftsmanship. C-4 carbide makes this blade strong and durable. It’s the key to smoother, more even woodworking cuts. Precision-ground carbide tips ensure every cut is accurate, ensuring your work meets the highest standards.

Shim Set Adjustments are Flexible

DEWALT DW7670 Blades can make precise adjustments for woodworking. The storage and carrying case protects and transports it. Users can easily fine-tune the blade’s diameter using its shim set. This adaptability lets woodworkers handle a variety of projects with precision and confidence.

Packed Dado Set Excellence

The 8-inch stacked dado set DEWALT DW7670 works well in many materials. Its high-quality materials make it durable even under intensive use. Its decorative stainless steel coating prevents rust and corrosion and prolongs its life.

Power of 24 Teeth

The DEWALT DW7670 blade has 24 teeth, its unsung heroes. This teeth count makes it suitable for soft and hard materials. Its heavy-duty design lets it handle even the hardest woodworking projects, making it a favourite among beginners and experts.

Compatibility All-Around

Woodworking requires versatility, and the DEWALT DW7670 blade knows that. It’s user-friendly and versatile for woodworking jobs because it works with many saws. This blade handles switching tools and projects.

Easy Access, Quality Guaranteed

Woodworking enthusiasts need high-quality tools. US shipping makes it easy to purchase the DEWALT DW7670 blade, a high-quality tool.

Conclusion: Redefining Precision

The DEWALT DW7670 Blade redefines woodworking precision and accuracy. Its durability, compatibility, and lifespan make it essential for serious woodworkers. Take your woodworking skills to the next level with the DEWALT DW7670 Blade.

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DEWALT DW7670 blade First Hand Review Video

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  1. 8-inch stacked dado set for precise and accurate cuts
  2. Made from high-quality materials for durability and longevity
  3. Stainless steel finish provides protection against rust and corrosion
  4. Compatible with a wide range of saws for added versatility
  5. Domestic shipping available for easy purchase within the U.S.



specifications 8IN STACKED DADO SET
Material Blend
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 3.25 x 12.5 inches
Color Stainless Steel Finish
Number of Teeth 24
Style Heavy Duty
Item Weight 9.08 Pounds
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.
Part Number DW7670

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4) Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped

Best dado blade for table saw

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Excellence begins with the correct tools, and the Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped Blade is a fine example. This blade is made of quality C-4 carbide for durability. This blade’s precision and durability will impress woodworkers of all levels.

Full Body Chippers for Smooth Cuts

Smooth cuts are essential in woodworking, and this blade delivers. It has full-body chippers for clean, precise cuts. Stop broken edges and uneven surfaces. The Amana Tool 651010 makes woodworking projects seem professional and precise.

Precision Ground Carbide Tips Cut Accurately

Woodworking requires accuracy, and the Amana Tool 651010 blade delivers. Every cut is perfect with its finely ground carbide tips. This blade produces accurate, consistent results for complicated designs and simple cuts.

Customized Shim Set Adjustments

Woodworking requires versatility, which the Amana Tool 651010 blade delivers. It has a carrying case and shim set for modifications. This lets you customise the blade’s diameter for cutting. Your control ensures each job is perfect.

Impressive specs

Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped Blade specs are remarkable. Its 10.250mm diameter and 24 teeth make it ideal for clean, precise cuts in many materials. Its sleek silver appearance matches your toolset and adds flair to your desk.

Built to Last

Woodworkers should buy good tools. The carbide Amana Tool 651010 can withstand rigorous use without sacrificing performance. Its 5/8-inch bore and.126 (3.2mm) kerf make it easy to use and produce consistent cuts.

Flexible Design for Many Projects

This outside dado blade gives woodworkers freedom and flexibility. Precision design lets you easily cut delicate details. Professional or enthusiast, the Amana Tool 651010 blade will improve your woodworking game.


Finally, the Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped Blade epitomises woodworking perfection. Its robust carbide substance, modern looks, and versatile design make it vital for any woodworking project. Improve your craft with the Amana Tool 651010 and see results in every cut. Choose the Amana Tool 651010 for unmatched woodworking precision.

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Amana Tool 651010 Carbide Tipped First Hand Review Video

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  1. Carbide material ensures durability and longevity
  2. 24 teeth for clean and accurate cuts
  3. Modern style and silver color add to its aesthetic appeal
  4. Can be used as an outside dado blade for added versatility
  5. Lightweight package weight of just 0.03 ounces for easy handling.



specifications Kerf (B): .126 (3.2mm)
specifications Description: L/H outside dado blade
Package Dimensions : 14.1 x 14 x 0.7 inches; 0.03 Ounces
Material Carbide
Brand Amana Tool
Color Silver
Number of Teeth 24
Style Modern

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5) POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw

Best dado blade for table saw

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The professional-grade C-4 carbide material powers the POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw. This material provides unmatched durability and cutting efficiency.

High-Tech Cutting

Full-body chippers improve cutting performance on this table saw. The precision-ground carbide tips cut precisely and smoothly, eliminating errors.

Compact & Handy

Those with limited workshop space benefit from the saw’s compact design. It fits nicely into compact spaces, maximizing workspace.

Mobility and Adjustability

The POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw is not just powerful but also portable and adaptable.

Easy Transport

A carrying case comes with this powerful saw. You may easily take your woodworking abilities on the road.

Fine-Tuning Made Easy

A shim set lets you customise the saw to your needs. Precision matters here.

Key Details

The POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw’s diameter is notable. This key characteristic opens up several cutting options.

Going Off-Grid

This hand-powered table saw is unique. It provides consistent power and performance without electricity. This characteristic makes it ideal for distant or power-deprived places.

A Multipurpose Friend

Compatibility with the R4512 Table Saw boosts its value. It fits easily into your woodworking equipment, making it more valuable.

Unleash Versatility

Designed for wood and iron surfaces, this table saw offers unmatched woodworking versatility. The 1.3-pound package weight makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre, ensuring consistent performance with every cut.


Overall, the POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw is a woodworker’s dream. Its sturdy iron construction, hand-powered design, and versatility make it a workshop essential. This table saw gives woodworkers of all levels precision, efficiency, and accuracy in every cut. With the POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw, your woodworking projects will soar.

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POWERTEC 71420 Table Saw First Hand Review Video

Video Source: FIX Tech Guides


  1. Durable iron construction ensures longevity and durability
  2. Hand-powered design provides consistent power and performance
  3. Compatible with R4512 Table Saw for added versatility
  4. Lightweight package weight of just 1.3 pounds for easy handling
  5. Ideal for use with wood and iron surfaces for added flexibility.



Color Orange
Surface Recommendation Wood, Iron
Power Source Hand Powered
Blade Length 10 Inches
Part Number 71420
Item Weight 1.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 15.81 x 4.44 x 0.81 inches
Material Iron
Item Package Quantity 1

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6) 36-510 Throat Table Saws

Best dado blade for table saw

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Greatus’ 36-510 Throat Table Saw is a precision woodworking marvel. This table saw makes accurate and clean cuts with an 8-inch high-speed steel blade. Steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for the toughest woodworking projects.

Adjustable Cutting Precision

The 36-510 Throat Table Saw is known for its precision. Full body chippers and shim set allow you to customise cuts to your preferences. As a skilled artisan or DIYer, this tool’s adjustability will impress.

Portability and Usability

This table saw is lightweight and portable at 1.01 pounds and 14.68 x 4.02 x 1.14 inches. Beginners and experienced woodworkers can easily use this instrument. The supplied carrying case lets you store and transfer your precise tool wherever your projects take you.

Performance Consistency

The 36-510 Throat Table Saw is a reliable battery-free equipment. It never slows down due to battery changes or recharging stops because it gives steady power and performance. This makes it a reliable choice for efficient woodworkers.

Flexibility and Compatibility

This flexible table saw works with most table saws, giving you woodworking tool options. When dealing with other saws or with other woodworkers, the 36-510 Throat Table Saw adapts easily.


the GREATUS 36-510 Throat Table Saw is the best woodworking tool for precision, accuracy, and convenience of use. Any woodworker needs it for its high-speed steel structure, lightweight design, and dependable performance. This table saw will improve your craftsmanship whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist. Use this great tool to improve your woodworking tasks.

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36-510 Throat Table Saws First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Matt Vanderlist


  1. High-speed steel material ensures clean and precise cuts
  2. Lightweight design of just 1.01 pounds for easy handling
  3. Battery-free power source for consistent performance
  4. Compact design makes it easy to transport and store
  5. Compatible with a range of different saws for added versatility.



Blade Material High Speed Steel
Blade Length 8 Inches
Part Number 36-510
Item Weight 1.01 pounds
Package Dimensions 14.68 x 4.02 x 1.14 inches
Material Steel
Batteries Included? No

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7) The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade

Best dado blade for table saw

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Woodworking requires clean, accurate cuts, and the Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade delivers. With full-body chippers and precision-ground carbide tips, it cuts perfectly every time. It comes with a carrying case for simple storage and transit, keeping your instrument in perfect condition. Finally, the provided shim set simplifies modifications for optimal project performance.

Multipurpose and Professional

While the diameter of the Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade is unknown, its professional-grade quality makes it ideal for any difficult operation. This saw blade is reliable for major projects or fine-tuning details.

Ideal Saw Blade for Precision Woodworking

The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade has 24 teeth and a fixed style for clean, accurate cuts in a variety of materials. Its silver finish and sturdy metal structure make it a desirable woodworking tool.

Lightweight and maneuverable

Woodworking quality is highly affected by ease of usage. The lightweight 0.2-pound Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade impresses. Its 9.65 x 9.25 x 1.77-inch size makes it easy to use and maintains precise performance. This outstanding saw blade may also be shipped within the U.S., making it easy for woodworkers to get.

Release Your Creativity

The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade is a useful woodworking tool. Its versatility with several saws and materials makes it vital for woodworking hobbyists. You can tackle any project with confidence since its strong metal design can withstand even the toughest woodworking tasks.

Conclusion: Superior Precision and Durability

The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade is a high-quality instrument that cuts precisely and accurately. Serious woodworkers need it for its lightweight design, tool compatibility, and unmatched durability. Enhance your woodworking skills with the Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade and see the difference.

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The Mibro Group 416381 Saw Blade First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Trabalhando Madeiras


  1. Lightweight design of just 0.2 pounds for easy handling
  2. Can be shipped within the U.S. for easy purchase
  3. Compatible with a wide range of saws and materials for added versatility
  4. Durable metal material ensures longevity and durability
  5. Set style and 24 teeth for clean and accurate cuts.



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 9.65 x 9.25 x 1.77 inches; 3.2 Ounces
Country of Origin : China
Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
Material Metal
Brand Mibro
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.65 x 9.25 x 1.77 inches
Color Silver
Number of Teeth 24
Style Set

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Best dado blade for table saw 2023-Complete buying Guide

Welcome to our guide on the best dado blades for table saws in 2023. As you can imagine, finding the right product for your needs can be difficult due to the large number of products available on the market. To help make your decision easier, we have created this guide to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We will address:

  • What a dado blade is, what it does and how it differs from other types of blades, such as circular saw blades.
  • Some of the key features to look for when choosing a dado blade for your table saw and our top picks for 2023.
  • Some of the most frequently asked questions about choosing a dado blade for your table saw.

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Definition of dado blade

A dado blade is a circular saw blade that is used for making grooves in woodworking, specifically for joining two pieces of wood at a right angle to each other. These blades are available in different sizes and shapes, including stacked sets and chiseled edged blades.

Dado blades work faster than traditional saw blades and produce wider, deeper cuts with greater accuracy. They can also be used for specialty tasks such as rabbeting and molding.

When selecting the best dado blade for your specific project, you should consider factors such as:

  • the thickness of your material
  • complexity of the cut
  • power rating of your/saw motor/blade or arbor size
  • need for specialized edge treatments

With these variables in mind, you will be better able to choose the right dado blade suited to your individual needs.

Importance of using dado blade in table saw

The importance of using a dado blade in a table saw cannot be understated. The right dado blade can make the difference between getting an excellent cut each time, and having to compromise on quality. With the right dado blade, you can create decorative slots, rabbets, dadoes and other woodworking shapes quickly and accurately.

Using a standard saw blade to cut these shapes is often time consuming, difficult to control and creates rough edges that must be sanded or chiseled down. A dado blade can also help you create precise dadoes and rabbets in thicker boards that may otherwise require multiple cuts with a traditional saw blade.

There are many types of commercial blades available for use in table saws with various degrees of thinness for specialty projects. A thinner blade is ideal for creating intricate patterns or thin cuts when working with delicate materials; however, this comes at the expense of power. On the other hand, a thicker dado blade provides additional strength allowing it to handle thicker boards more safely than its thinner counterpart but reduces speed and accuracy when making intricate shapes or curves.

Ultimately, selecting the best possible dado blade comes down to finding one that offers both cutting power while providing precise results.

Purpose of the article

This article seeks to provide readers with a comprehensive guide for finding the best dado blade for table saws in the year 2023. The guide is designed to help make purchasing decisions easier by offering information on key features, material types and other factors users should consider when looking for a dado blade.

To ensure maximum accuracy, all product information will be sourced directly from manufacturers and verified before being included in the buying guide. Additionally, where available, specific user experiences will be linked to further assist readers in making informed purchasing decisions. Finally, useful tips will be provided to ensure an optimal cutting experience when using the selected dado blade.

Understanding the Types of Dado Blades

There are three main types of dado blades: stacked, wobble, and adjustable carbide-tipped.

  • Stacked dado blades are composed of two eight-inch outer blades and several chipper blades that fit between them to control the width of the cut. This type is more precise than a wobble blade and offers greater control over the width of your cut, but it’s more expensive and time consuming to adjust.
  • Wobble blades have a single blade with adjustable collars that tilt it back and forth while spinning to create a wider cut. They’re not as precise as stacked dado blades but they’re much faster to adjust since you only have one blade to deal with instead of multiple chippers.
  • Adjustable carbide tipped dado sets feature pre-sharpened tips on individual cutters that can be combined in different configurations for different width cuts. They are easy to set up, offer good accuracy and repeatability, but require frequent sharpening due to their complex cutting edges.

Stacked Dado Blade Sets

A stacked dado blade set is a set of two circular saw blades along with several chipper blades of different thicknesses. When mounted on the arbor, the blades overlap a small amount which is adjustable, creating a series of flat bottomed notches on a workpiece. Stacked dado blade sets are great for quickly cutting dados and grooves in wood up to 1/2 inch wide (12.7mm) by varying the number and thickness of chipper blades used.

You can find these in standard and wobble style sets, with high-quality models offering special features like anti-kickback shims to maximize safety while in use.

Wobble Dado Blade

Wobble dado blades are a variation of the standard stacked dado blade, used to make narrow grooves and slots. As the name implies, this type of saw blade wobbles slightly but stays in one position as it spins, allowing it to cut a larger range of widths within a single groove. Unlike its fixed stack counterpart, the wobble allows for adjustments as thin as 1/32” and thickness increments up to 1” depending on the size and shape of its chippers.

This flexibility vastly expands the tool’s utility. It can be used for everything from carefully crafted inlays to wide joint cuts with equal precision and ease. While wobble blades require more setup time than regular stacked blades when moving from one cut size to another, their increased versatility makes them convenient for woodworking projects that may require multiple sizes of grooves.

When choosing a wobble dado blade, make sure that it fits your saw model specifications and includes at least two chippers that you can buy separately if necessary. Additionally, pay attention to reviews by other consumers so you know what kind of results you can expect with your choice.

Adjustable Dado Blade

An adjustable dado blade is another popular option for achieving a variety of widths and depths. The benefit of these is that they provide greater flexibility than a stackable set but are easier to use and more economical than dedicated blades.

These blades are manufactured with chippers that can be added or taken away to adjust the width. Depth can be adjusted as needed by simply raising or lowering the blade height. Most adjustable blades feature between four and eight chippers, usually one-eighth inch each, allowing for fine adjustment.

Adjustable blades are available in 8” and 10” diameters and with various tooth counts, ranging from 24 to 80 teeth. They may also have flat tops or ATB (alternate top bevel) grinds and will work with 5/8” arbor saws only. It is important to note that an adjustable blade should not be used on a thin kerf saw as the wider arbor opening means more wobble that may make it difficult to achieve accurate results.

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Disposable Dado Blade

Disposable dado blades are designed with pre-made sets of cutters that produce smooth and even grooves. These blades typically consist of alternating groups of two to four flat-topped chippers, but some may contain more cutters. The chippers are usually made from carbide and can provide a longer lifespan than traditional carbon or steel tips.

Disposable dado blades usually carry a lower warranty and require sharpening after several uses. When using a disposable dado blade, it is important to always keep the blade perpendicular to the workpiece for optimal performance. Additionally, these blade sets should never be used for rabbeting or other types of cuts where precision is key.


Choosing the best dado blade for your table saw can be daunting, but you can narrow it down by considering your budget, the types of materials you plan to work with, and the desired cutting results. Ultimately, the right dado blade for your table saw will depend on what kind of projects you intend to tackle with it.

For professionals or those who take their woodworking to a higher level as an art form, quality dado blades will take their craftsmanship to new heights while also providing more precise and consistent projects. For those who want quality results at a reasonable cost, mid-range blades offer an efficient balance between cost and performance. And if budget is an issue, entry-level options such as chippers or splitters are available for beginners or those who just need occasional use of a table saw. Regardless of the route you choose, having an understanding of what’s available out there and making an informed decision is key to finding the best dado blade for your table saw.


Can you use a dado blade on any table saw?

Not all table saws are compatible with dado blades. It is important to check the specifications of your table saw before purchasing a dado blade.

How do I choose a dado blade?

When choosing a dado blade, consider factors such as the size of your table saw arbor, the maximum width of cut the blade can handle, the number of teeth on the blade, and the material you will be cutting.

What are the two types of blades in a dado blade set?

A dado blade set typically includes two types of blades: an outer blade and inner chipper blades.

Is it better to cut dado with router or table saw?

The choice between cutting a dado with a router or table saw depends on the size and complexity of the cuts. 

What are the disadvantages of a dado joint?

Table saws are better for larger and wider cuts, while routers are better for precise and intricate cuts.

Can you sharpen dado blades?

One disadvantage of a dado joint is that it is less strong than other types of joints, such as a mortise and tenon joint.

How many teeth should a dado blade have?

Additionally, it may be more difficult to make precise cuts with a dado blade.

How thick should a dado be?

Yes, dado blades can be sharpened, but it is generally easier to replace them with a new blade when they become dull.

Can an 8 dado on 10 table saw?

The number of teeth on a dado blade can vary, but a typical blade has around 24 teeth.

The thickness of a dado cut depends on the width of the material you are cutting and the desired joint strength.

Can Bosch table saw use dado blades?

It is possible to use an 8 inch dado blade on a 10 inch table saw, but you may need to use spacers to make the blade fit properly.

Some Bosch table saws are compatible with dado blades, but it is important to check the specifications of your specific model before using a dado blade.


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